Welcome to the ETI Academy where we look at topics in K-12 education through inspiration.

For real learning to occur, we need inspiration.

This inspiration can only come with patience while building enthusiasm and confidence towards learning.

Students will learn the necessary skills to become successful when it comes to learning.

The courses offered through the ETI Academy will benefit students both inside and outside the classroom.

How will the courses benefit students?

They will bring back the fun that can be had with learning!

health in education
Mental Health in Education

Mental health in education has taken a more active role in connecting learning with success. When students feel their best, they are ready to learn. The ETI Academy presents ways to cope with the stress and anxiety that come with learning.

student learning
K-12 Student Learning

Student learning is at its best when students appreciate the benefits that come with what they are learning. Their focus on how they learn can help them to appreciate why they need to learn. The ETI Academy presents ways to approach learning that will benefit students.

test preparation strategies
Test Preparation Strategies

International students who are looking to invest in their academic careers abroad, may need to take tests such as the TOEFL, IELTS, or SAT. The ETI Academy presents test preparation strategies that will help students find success on these tests.

New Teachers in Education
New Teachers in Education

Effective teaching strategies look for ways to make teaching and learning easier for both teachers and students. What does it mean to be more effective? Read our click on the image above to read our blogs, watch videos, and sign up to our teaching mindset course to see what approaches work best in any classroom! 

Danya Khelfa

Hi, I’m Danya Khelfa!

I have worked in education for over two decades having earned a Masters degree in Education. I look forward to sharing my educational knowledge and experiences to inspire teachers and students to succeed.

I am the CEO and founder of EduKitchen & The ETI Academy a website dedicated to offering educational resources, videos, and digital products to help inspire learning.

Reach Your Educational Goals

In working towards achieving your educational goals, what's your recipe for success? Watch the video below for what three main "ingredient" you need to include for your recipe for success!